Dogs With Lyme Disease

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Protect Your Pets with Jernigan Nutraceuticals pt. 1

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” ….  that makes the Mojave rattlesnake one of the most dangerous poisonous snakes in the United States. Their venom works as a neurotoxin and is called Mojave toxin….”

The toxin is extremely dangerous …. (the bite is potentially fatal)”

First- some history about Patty: She is a 5-6 year old basenji mix dog, about 30#. She is not “healthy”. She is on thyroxine for hypothyroidism and she has had a history of  over-vaccination. She came from Texas and kept running away and being repeatedly impounded. The Austin shelter would re-vaccinate her every time she was impounded and she probably got 4-5 rabies vaccs within a 2 year period, plus other combo vaccs and all while untreated hypothyroid. She arrived here in December frenetically hyperactive- seizure activity. Thyroid medication and detoxing helped her dramatically, but she continued to have rage attacks. We suspected Lyme or another tick disease…

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