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Grandpa Dog 2We all want the best for our furry family member(s), right?
Wait, no, I’m not talking about Grandpa, I meant your dog (although Grandpa’s important too).
Anyways, Karbo Pellets, Karbo Essentials, and Karbo Flour are some of the best and most effective ways to keep and/or get your pup out of harm’s way because of the brilliant and unique approach Gomers Inc. takes on healing that you don’t get in most other products.

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Gomers Inc:

Our mission is to provide supplements to our clients that produce the maximum benefits for their animals and birds. Everything contained in our supplements is FDA approved for use in animals and birds. By using multiple saponines, multiple oligosaccharides, multiple pre- and probiotics, multiple antioxidants, multiple lipid-soluble ions and multiple glycoproteins, our supplements stimulate the animal’s complex immune systems. Research in these areas clearly states that if the immune systems are working right, clinical disease is rare. Our hope is to allow your animals to reach their genetic potential in performance, reproduction, as well as milk, meat and egg production.

Our Karbo products contain all natural, organic nutriceuticals, which enhance the immune systems and promote the animal’s overall health. Stimulating the animal’s immune systems helps them to manage environmental challenges that occur on a daily basis which include pathogenic viruses, bacteria, coccidia, parasites, toxins, aflotoxins, microtoxins, and nitrates found in our plant forages. By using Karbo products, you will be providing your animals with multiple immune-supportive benefits.

Everyday solutions to canine environmental challenges using Karbo Pellets, Karbo Grandpa Dog 1Essentials, and Karbo Flour for:

Viral infections such as:

  • Distemper
  • Canine influenza
  • Rabies
  • Coronavirus
  • Kennel cough (Infectious Tracheobronchitis – ITB)
  • Canine parvovirus

Bacterial infections such as:

  • Lyme disease
  • Leptospirosis
  • Tetanus
  • Bordetella bronchisptica

External parasites such as:

  • Ticks, fleas, sarcoptic mange

Internal parasites such as:

  • Coccidia, giardia, roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, tapeworms, heartworm

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Author: docsara

owner of Jernigan Nutraceuticals

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