Dogs With Lyme Disease

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Borrelia Burgdorferi Spirochetes and Viruses

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Dog and Owner

Jernigan Nutraceuticals has been in the business to help PEOPLE to get their body to heal itself from Lyme Disease for over 17 years. The only dogs that took our products were the dogs whose owners already took the JN products. Although the results were amazing, we just never took the time to promote this product for dogs (as well as other animals).   When we work on our patients who carry lyme disease, we need to address not only the bacteria, but also the virus associated with this disease, so the solution we give them is generally our Borrelogen, which contains Virogen in it also. The same applies to dogs: you have to attack the problem  from different angles to defeat it. Borrelogen is a surprisingly gentle product, but at the same time, very power packed and effective with multiple herbs.

Here is the research we did for the Borrelia Burgdorferi spirochete. Please note, with antibiotics a high positive was 45…using this product it averaged 100 ng/ml.

Borrelogen Research

Reporting only the highest score of the three-day urine collection the majority of positive LUATs scored over 100 ng/ml. Out of the 68 LUATs performed 44 were reported as positive or highly positive, while there were 4 borderline, and 18 negative results. The total percentage of positive scores was 73%. When the nutraceutical formula was used instead of prescription antibiotics, the majority of positive LUATs were reported over 100 ng/ml, and as high as >400 ng/ml. Although a score of >400 does not indicate that a patient is more highly infected than a score of >45, it does indicate a high rate of antigen release which can only benefit the patient. As an interesting side-note, only seventeen of these 68 cases were also tested by Lyme Western Blot IgM/IgG prior to taking the Borrelogen. All seventeen subjects tested as positive or equivocal by Lyme Western Blot.

You can order this product at

It comes in 4oz and 2oz bottle as well as in apple cider vinegar.


Author: docsara

owner of Jernigan Nutraceuticals

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