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Food… Health or Hazard?


This Puppy Trying to Eat.

If you have a non-healthy dog, one with Lyme disease, diabetes, cancer, joint pain, irritable, constant chewing and licking, start with looking at what you are feeding your dog. To keep a strong immune system, your dog needs food that will rebuild his/her immune system. Just like you would not put gasoline that has fillers and water in it into your car. You know that if you put contaminated gas into your car, your car will run poorly or it will shut down. Same thing with food and your dog. Instead of focusing on drugs to save your dog, start with what may be the CAUSE of why your dog is having symptoms or why his body is unable to fight an infection.

What exactly is your dog eating?

Catherine Ritlaw with shares the following information:

Feeding- I start new dogs on a high quality food. We feed foods that contain no by-products, no artificial dyes, flavors or preservatives, no corn, wheat or soy.

Here are websites to see how your dog food is rated!

We feed Diamond Naturals Senior 8 and the 2 dogs with IBD get California Natural grain free venison and potato.

One dog (now deceased) required a diet of raw meat, vegetables, added vitamins and minerals and grapefruit seed extract to cure his terrible skin rashes. We believe a raw meat diet is best for most dogs, but the cost is beyond our budget for the 10 medium to large dogs who now live here.


Author: docsara

owner of Jernigan Nutraceuticals

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  1. Are you still updating this website? I found a broken link I’d like to point out.

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