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Dog Symptoms (Hypothyroid or Lyme?)

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We understand that pets aren’t just animals, they are family. Here’s how to give your furry friend no less than the best without costing an arm and a leg.

Catherine wonderfully explains her experience with taking care of dogs in the following from one of her posts at

“Blood work- First, I have my vet take a blood sample, prepare it for shipping, and I send it overnight to Hemopet ( Dr. Jean Dodds runs a research lab, is a world-renowned veterinary endocrinologist and is more accurate and less expensive. The “Thyroid 5 Plus” profile gives a full blood workup plus full thyroid panel for only $115. This enables us to see the liver/kidney status and thyroid levels before I begin treatment. Here is a list of low thyroid symptoms:

In the past 10 years, we have taken in 19 dogs. Four have had normal thyroid function and 15 were low thyroid. The low thyroid dogs had any combination of the following problems: extreme fearfulness, aggression, skin infections & conditions, allergies, digestive problems, hair loss, poor coats, seizures, hallucinations, obesity and underweight, and joint/ligament problems. The fearful and aggressive dogs showed a dramatic change after only one or two doses of thyroid supplement- nothing short of miraculous. Many dogs also have low adrenal function. All of our dogs get adrenal extract (Swanson). One capsule per 60 pounds, at least for several months while they are recovering from their illness.

Our other favorite detox product is Dr. David Jernigan’s Neuro Antitox . I myself need it to stay alive, as it detoxes Lyme toxins. It also saved our burro and dog from the effects of rattlesnake toxins. I am not sure how or why, but it worked. The burro had been sick 2 years after a bite and the Neuro Antitox cured her chronic illness. Nothing else had worked, including remedies from a veterinary homeopath. JERAS is a huge fan of all of Dr. Jernigan’s formulas. We consider him to be brilliant and his understanding of chronic disease and natural healing is simply amazing.”

When you type in the Coupon Code JERAS or in the Comment section of your on the site, we will donate 10% of your order to this Sanctuary.

Here is a story on her site about a dog with hypothyroidism with YouTube video.

JERAS is about the animals living here and about saving other animals. It is not about me. However, I was advised to share comments and kudos received, so here are some of them. You can also see reviews at our Great Nonprofits page-

Thank you! Catherine is a meticulous and knowledgeable animal caretaker-Robin W. Waldron, DVM

This lady does everything herself to save the animals in her care. Please donate anything you can!!- Janice Hollenczer

I think it’s awesome what you do for these animals.-Sandra Vanderhoff

You just saved a life.  I have been struggling for 6 weeks with a dog we thought was having neurological problems. He has been falling on his face, heavy shedding, whining, extreme high energy spells of behavior & restlessness & sleeplessness. He has extremely low thyroid & is now on Soloxine.  He is stumbling much less, sleeping well, his behavior is now more level & he has gained weight.  Was very thin.  -Cheryl Weatherford


Dr. David A. Jernigan, DC, originally formulated the Jernigan Nutraceuticals botanical remedies, but no longer has any affiliation with the company. His former wife now owns the company and formulates the products for Jernigan Nutracueticals. However, his clinic, The Hansa Center, is the number one customer for us here at Jernigan Nutraceuticals.

Neuro-Antitox II 2oz $26.00

Neuro-Antitox II 4oz $48.00Image

                 Neuro-Antitox II ACV 2oz $26.00                Image


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One thought on “Dog Symptoms (Hypothyroid or Lyme?)

  1. Also, Lyme is known to cause autoimmune disease, so I would imagine many people (like me) and animals may have Lyme and thyroid disease both. Thanks!

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